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“Life lies in the space outside what we deem comfortable, that little in-between we might describe as the unknown. Fear prevents us from finding the treasure that lives in this place. When we face that fear and step into the unknown we find all that truly matters. We find love.”

Although we have over 15 years of combined photographic experience, we don't consider ourselves your photographers.
You see, our job is not to capture moments, it is to tell stories.

To us, love is the most powerful story you can share.
When two souls come together sharing vulnerabilities, pleasures, fears, strengths, pains, and challenges in this wild experience we call life, they are showing everything it is to be human. 

Weddings are the culmination of all you have shared so far in this crazy journey. It should not be something to live & forget. We would be honoured to tell your love story in a way that lasts beyond your final moments... your experience together frozen in time.


Matt Commerford & Jacques Massie

meet your photographerS

TRAVElLING WORLD wide for love

located in melbourne


We had so much fun and got way more than we expected with the final images. We are by no means models, but felt no pressure being in front of the camera all day.



Ricky & Lindsay

We are so grateful that last year we were able to have the best day of our lives and have you both a part of it. So glad we have become such good mates. Dealing with such an emotional day we really felt at ease and relaxed with you both.



Caidan & Nicholas

The photos are beautiful!
All of our guests had great things to say about you both on the night, and since our wedding we have lots of positive feedback on the photos. We really appreciate how much time you spent with us, as well as how professional you were while keeping everything fun & exciting.



Michael & Lauren

These are amazing!! We love them so much and I legit screamed so wasn't exaggerating haha.
I started screaming again!! Hahaha. We absolutely love them and so thrilled with your work! So happy we found you guys to capture our special day. Your talent is INCREDIBLE!
Thank you soooo much!



Sophie & Lester

Omg we love these!!!!!
So beautiful! It just makes everything pop!

Gimhani & Anthony



Where do we even start with you guys! Your dedication and passion to photography is outstanding, and your bubbly and outgoing personalities means that you brighten any occasion. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for capturing the moments of our special day so well! Our guests keep on telling us how amazing the photographers were! We are so grateful that we met and got to work alongside such beautiful people.

Gimhani & Anthony



love stories around the world

our Bucket List 


rio de janeiro, brasil

South Island, New Zealand

Bali, Indonesia


new zealand

When you dream of your perfect wedding, does it fill you with a sense of adventure?
Is there a destination that screams at you to 'Marry them here!?'

The world has changed in ways that make borders nothing but a minor logistical decision, why should your love be restricted by borders?

Travel is something near & dear to our hearts, we would be thrilled to meet you in your chosen part of this beautiful blue marble!
If you see us as your perfect story telling match, but Melbourne is not your neck of the woods, don't let it stop you from reaching out.

Our updated travel details are below, as are some of our bucket list spots. If a destination wedding is on your radar, let's make it a reality.

Shooting weddings wherever there is a love story to tell

Travel dates

São Paulo, Brasil

21 May 2023


21 May 2022

BC, Canada

22 June 2023

Oregon, USA

22 August 2022

Oregon, USA 

02 June 2023

BC, Canada 

6 September 2022

South Island, NZ

14 June 2023

New York, NY 

22 September 2022

Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

28 June 2023

Bali, Indonesia

06 October 2022






Every story, every moment, it’s your time to shine. Here’s what makes our hearts beat the hardest. 



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