Hello from us to you!
We are Matty (the only one who can grow a proper beard) & Jacques, and we love love!
Our paths in life have been different, but those paths have led us to this gift... the chance to document love, to be a part of telling your story.

We approach our weddings from a journalistic perspective. Our images are raw, real & candid.
We love capturing those images that really show who you are, together & individually. For us, weddings are an opportunity to be who it is you are at your best! That ‘realness’ is what we aim to capture.

Hi, We are Visual Tales

Matty & Jacques

How do we do this?
Every single wedding is an opportunity of a lifetime for us. We treat it as such! Long before your wedding day we make it our goal to build a lasting relationship with you. The reason we focus on catching up, hosting planning sessions, taking you out for a private shoot, is simple. This allows us to get to know the real you! It allows us to document your love as real & raw as it is!

The images we create for you are intended to last a lifetime & to reflect who you are, and will continue to be, in this beautiful life together.
We don’t want you to remember what you did at your wedding, we want you to remember how you felt.
We are so excited to sit down with you & plan out your wedding day!

Hi, We are Visual Tales

Get to know us more & find out what inspired us to become professional photographers.

I grew up a little different to how you might see it in the movies. My early day's would be considered transitory, or nomadic - my first 10 birthdays were at different addresses around the world! My upbringing was a deeply enriching cultural experience. I saw how different people thought about the world, and about life. This bred a love for travel inside my soul! Naturally a camera became my most loyal companion.
I have lived in places you might only imagine to be real, stood on mountain tops in remote ranges devoid of human life for 100's of km's around me. I have kayaked through isolated gorges only accessible by foot & helicopter, only to launch myself off 60 foot waterfalls. I have surfed waves while dolphins were gliding joyfully below me. All these experiences were - and still are - amazing, and I am deeply grateful to have had them.
But do you know what I realised along the way?
I discovered that none of those experiences meant anything without meaning behind them. Love! Love gave my life meaning! Of all the experiences I have had, it is the least glamorous moments that stand out. Like that time I played soccer with a group of kids in a Malaysian slum, or fell into a laughing fit with local Peruvians living unbanked on the foothills of the Andes. Being laughed at while trying to speak Portuguese with locals in the favelas of Rio De Janeiro, or surfing with locals in the poverty stricken towns of Nicaragua.
These moments stand out to me because of what they share in common: love & connection! Your connection. Your love. The relationship you are about to commit to for life! It is a story I want to tell for you, a story more powerful than any adventure I experienced in my youth... a story of love!

When I really think about it, photographing weddings was an inevitability for me. Once I realised that love & connection meant more than anything else in the world... telling the stories of couples wildly in love lit me up with a fire that just can't be extinguished!
Now I get to tell that story for you, right beside my best mate!
Oh... and by the way, I found someone to narrate my very own love story with... I love you Thays!
Much love to you & I can't wait to tell your story :)
Jacques Massie

"There are few things that fill me with love & joy the way photography does."

My upbringing was surrounded by a big loving family of four brothers, who are some of my best mates, a bunch of pets and two parents who are still together to this day. Love was embedded in me as a young man. Although my life to date hasn't been all butterflies and sunshine, through life’s ups and downs I seemed to lose the love for myself. A terrible injury and a broken heart had me questioning my life's purpose and the true meaning of love. From this a determined and dedicated man was born, I spent every second reading, learning and growing as a person. Through this journey of self discovery I became smarter, stronger but most importantly I fell in love with myself and the person I had become. This created a domino effect which allowed me to start building more meaningful relationships with family and friends and to meet the absolute love of my life who I now share a beautiful daughter with. Narelle , the irreplaceable human l get to spend all my days with and share drink coffee with every morning while watching our little princess grow, I Love you!

This also birthed my passion for documenting love through my photography. This is such an important day for every couple, and I feel so lucky that I get to celebrate love with amazing people and call it a job. Better yet I get to tell unique love stories, with my best mate by my side.
What can I say? I’m a sucker for a great love story!
Photography has now been a part of my life for almost a decade, and is becoming more ingrained with my purpose & way of being. Every couple I shoot deserves a photographer who is passionate, confident and invested in capturing the perfect moments. I truly enjoy the whole process of what I do.

“I’m Matty. Sporting a beard as big as my heart. And yes, I'm the one who tells all the really awesome dad jokes”

From the moment you sit down with us over coffee, tea, sparkling, or a cheeky glass of vino, you are our number one focus. This is your day, the culmination of years falling in love with your person.

We will ensure that all your photography concerns are covered off & answered long before your wedding day, that way you can focus on just enjoying the moment.

The moment you open your eyes to the world we will be ready to begin telling your story, capturing those quiet moments that are lost in the excitement of it all. That stare your mother gives you while bridesmaids flock around your dress removing every imperfection, bubbly their source of constant fuel. The emotions in the eyes of our groom, a 12year old single malt at his lips to ease the nerves.

From dawn until dusk. Prep, arrival, ceremony, reception & the drunken dance moves of Uncle Joe lifting you above the crowd on the d-floor. We will be there to capture it all! The quiet moments to the scenes of ecstasy, your story is safe in our hands.

Matty & Jacques

Rain, hail or shine, we won’t miss a beat

When you have a child, you have this little person that is your responsibility. You are the captain of their ship. The person you are is a huge part of the person they will become. I found myself becoming kinder, nicer and it overall increased my capacity for love and doing more of the things I love.

I love being a father. I love being a husband. I love spending time with my family visiting new places, and adding memories to our scrapbook.

Adventure is a huge part of my life. This is where my passion for photography comes into play. I love documenting all beautiful things.
I'm a storyteller.

Hey! It's Me Jacques

Life can be distracting at times, but in the end the smallest things stand out the most! I love building relationships with incredible people & hearing their unique stories.

This ties in with my passions for adventure, travel & business. Going to amazing places with incredibly motivated people brings me an abundance of joy.

“That’s a little sneak peek into my life and a few of my favourite things. No matter who and where we are, we’re all souls wandering this beautiful earth, with a different story to share. No tale is one and the same. And that’s why I LOVE documenting love stories (and hopefully yours too!)”

"Putting a smile on a persons face brings me so much joy."

Hey! It's Me Matty

"My whole life changed when I had my daughter. "

Obsessed with them and can't wait to share it with loved ones.
You guys are amazing and if this is a sneak peak of what's come next then take a bow."

Lester & Sophie

Two Is Better than One!

All of our wedding packages includes both of us! Yep, that's right! 2 professional photographers with almost 20 years combined experience at your wedding.

Two professional wedding photographers at every wedding! 

You deserve the best possible wedding album! High quality images, and lots of em!
If you want every single moment, feeling, thought, kiss, laugh, and tear captured, someone needs to be there to capture it. We believe in over-delivering on quality and quantity, and that's why we are both coming to your wedding.

Why is Two better than One?

With two professional photographers you will have double of everything with a creative twist:
- Better quality images and more unique angles.
- Two different styles flowing into one beautiful album.
- More photos in your albums! We deliver over 1000 images to every couple, but the number is normally closer to 1500. These are professional, sharp, beautiful images.
- We can capture more of the important moments. Never fear! We will be there!
- Four heads is better than three when it comes to deciding on how you want your hard cover album to look.
- The hidden moments... those quiet moments you forget are happening.. one of us will be there to capture it.

"Love you guys!!! The story is amazing !!!
We feel the same about you guys!
Life is about living and I just want people to enjoy their lives for what it is and not waste it. Life is precious"

Caidan & Nicholas

"Love love love!!!"

Joe & Lesley

"Guys these photos are amazing! Thank you so much!
We really can’t thank you guys enough for how much time you spent with us."

Lauren & Michael



We capture it how it is, so that you can remember how it felt! 

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No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.