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The most common questions we hope to answer before you need to ask :)

What is Visual Tales?

Where are you based?

How much does it cost for you to travel to our wedding?

How do we book you for our wedding?

Can we meet you before locking you in?

How many hours do we have you for on the day?

When will I receive my photographs?

What will I receive?

How many times can we meet up before the wedding?

Why do you include the Private Shoot?

What kind of venues do you shoot at?
Do you also shoot smaller weddings & elopements?

I really want to book you but I live on the other side of the world. Will you travel for our wedding?

Do you use flash or natural light?

How much is the deposit? Is it refundable? When is the full amount due?

Do you have payment plans?

Do you offer videography in any of your packages?

If I change my mind & want to purchase an album after the wedding, can I?

Visual Tales is a partnership between two photographers - and best mates - with a combined 16 years experience. Their individual journeys have landed them here. Allowing them to document the greatest thing in life, love!

Great question! Because Visual Tales is open to all wedding bookings, national or international, it can be hard to pinpoint our home base.
We are a Melbourne based business. If we find ourselves temporarily based in other parts of the world we will update you through our socials, or you can track our future dates on the Home Page.

Cheaper than you might think. Nationally, and Internationally, travel is much cheaper than it was when our parents were in their youth. If your wedding is further than 2 hours from Melbourne CBD just ask for a travel quote when you enquire.

Easy as! When you decide that we are a fit for you, just send us an email with your wedding details (there is a contact form at the base of this page), if your date is free & you are happy with your selected package, we can sort out the deposit details & we can take the rest from there. If you are an in person kind of human (like us), we are always happy to sit down over coffee!

100%! We are here to help make this easy for you so that you can focus on the love part.

It depends on which package you decide is best suited to you, and your love story. Our 'Wildly In Love' package is unlimited coverage. Yep, you literally have us for as long as you want! For more details on our packages, click here.

We try not to restrict the amount of times we meet up, but a minimum of two consultations (our 'Wildly In Love' & 'Love Story' packages are unlimited). We want you to have all of your questions and concerns answered so that you go into your wedding feeling confident, comfortable, and without any doubt that your photos are going to look amazing!

You will expect to receive your slideshow around 4 weeks after the wedding. You will receive your photo package containing your printed images two weeks after receiving your slideshow. If you have ordered an album, it will take up to 3 weeks for printing after it is complete. Your digital images will be quicker, we allow a 3 week turn-a-round time. 

It depends on which package you have chosen to go for. We can help you select the right package for you, just ask us if you need any assistance when you send through your enquiry.  All our packages include: consultations, high-res images, low-res images, a personalised slideshow. More package info here.

Being in front of a camera for the first time can be daunting. Should I smile? How does my hair look? How do I pose? Before your day comes around we want you to feel totally comfortable & confident with us. The private shoot allows us to get to know one-another, to laugh together, and for you to feel completely comfortable being posed & photographed by us. Your camera-confidence will build courage in your guests & loved ones too! Not to mention this is a private shoot, an opportunity to adventure to a beautiful location & create intimate & personal moments between you and your love. Every couple we have taken on a private shoot has commented how amazing the experience was!

Every love story is unique & important to us. Your wedding is your personal story, we shoot all weddings at all locations.
We have shot small intimate weddings in the comfort of their own backyard, and larger weddings at grand venues.
Yes! We do elopements. Just ask us when you send your enquiry.

I really love the quiet candid photos that capture the emotions of the day but posed photos are great to! How do you mix the two on the day?

Absolutely we will! We love travel & will happily travel to wherever you are located on this beautiful world of ours. Between us, we have visited every continent on earth, bar Antarctica (any takers hahaha), and we plan to schedule seasons on every continent once travel opens up again. The cost to get us to you could be as low as $0, just let us know when you enquire and we can talk about it over a zoom call.

Our images are candid, raw, and real. Natural light is our go to because it creates a more realistic feel in your final images. However, when it gets dark and the dancing begins we switch to a flash set-up so we can capture the celebrations & Aunty Jane's dance moves in all their glory!

To lock in a date for your wedding we require a $500 deposit. The full amount is due two weeks before your wedding day.

Yes! We sure do. Once we lock in your deposit and secure your date, we can discuss a payment plan that works for you.

We do have packages that include a videographer. If video is something you are interested in we can discuss which package would best suit your video needs in person, or over zoom. When you send through your enquiry, just ask.

Of course! You can order an album at any time, including family albums. Our clients will sometimes wait until Christmas, a birthday, or a 1 year anniversary to order their album. That goes for our slideshows too.

We agree! It really comes down to your personal preference, we can capture it how you envision it. There will be moments during your wedding when we will take charge, posing you, your partner, and any quests involved in group shots. Any poses, or dream shots you have in mind we can discuss & plan prior to the wedding (Our private shoot is a fantastic option when it comes to planning out those beautiful wedding magazine cover shots!). For the most part, we focus on documenting those raw, real, and honest moments during your wedding: that embrace with Dad, the moment your tears get the best of you, laughter & joy in celebration of love, and the moment it dawns on you - "WE JUST GOT MARRIED!"

Why do you shoot together instead of using a hired second shooter?

Between us, we have over 15 years experience as professional photographers. Rather than hire an inexperienced second shooter, we choose to shoot together. Our experience as a pair enables us to capture the best possible photos, and ensures we don't miss a moment of your wedding! Plus... we just love working together!

Let's start with a conversation! Fill out your wedding details below & we will respond within 24 hours.

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